Sep 16

No War With Syria

Representative Steve Scalise 2338 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515              Re: No War With Syria    Dear Steve:  I have noticed that your voice is conspicuously absent in the opposition to President Obama’s provocative posturing towards Syria.  I have also seen recently that you are “undecided” concerning a potential House vote on military action …

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May 01

Martial Law Shutdown of Boston was Excessive!

If you think the 4/19/2013 martial law shutdown of Boston was excessive, then you must be a “Neo-confederate”, Ron Paul ”nut”, so says the Southern Poverty Law Center. Oh and you must also think “The South should have won” which I assume to mean “The Civil War” which was not “Civil” and cost the lives of 750,000. So …

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Mar 06

ReFounding Past, Present and Future…

Dear Friends: Thanks for attending the first meeting of the year.  And thanks to Mike for opening his home to us. We are well on our way to a productive ReFounding, but we need your help.  I have attached a sample, legislative proposal.  This is the bill to limit the number of constitutional amendments thrown …

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Dec 24

Keep in prayer and blessed thought, Rep. David Simpson….

Friends, our dear friend and colleague David Simpson lost his father last night. Dr. Marion Simpson, Sunday, December 23rd at 10:45 p.m. He died peaceably after receiving last rites and Viaticum. Please keep Brother Simpson and his family in your prayers. I knew Mr. Simpson, the last time I saw him was in October seated …

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Dec 19

Practical Wisdom: The Master Virtue

In 2008, Christopher Ratte and his seven-year-old son were attending a Detroit Tigers game together. When Ratte went to the concession stand, he grabbed a beer for himself and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade for his son, unaware that the drink contained 5% alcohol.

Dec 12

Chivalry, The Ancient Code of Gentlemanly Behavior Finds New Disciples


ANNOUNCING THE RETURN OF CHIVALRY Mandeville, LA – The ReFounding Fathers Society will present as it’s mission the fellowship & cultivating (society) of virtuous, chivalrous, intelligent men. for 2013 and beyond. In doing so, the Society will emerge as a vibrant and growing group of concerned citizens, sharing the objective that most of our problems …

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Dec 06

Earl of Chesterfield- Letter XII

LONDON, July 30, O. S. 1747 DEAR BOY: It is now four posts since I have received any letter, either from you or from Mr. Harte. I impute this to the rapidity of your travels through Switzerland; which I suppose are by this time finished. You will have found by my late letters, both to …

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Dec 03

Earl of Chesterfield- Letter XI

LONDON, July 20, O. S. 1747 DEAR BOY: In your Mamma’s letter, which goes here inclosed, you will find one from my sister, to thank you for the Arquebusade water which you sent her; and which she takes very kindly. She would not show me her letter to you; but told me that it contained …

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Nov 25

RFFS Southeast Louisiana Chapter Christmas Party

Madisonville, LA – The Founding chapter of the RFFS, the Southeast LA chapter, will hold its first annual Christmas Party on Thursday evening, 13 December, 2012 at the Columbia Street Taproom & Siler Bar in Covington, LA at 07:00 p.m. We will also have an brief meeting with officers announcements for 2013 events. This event …

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Nov 18

Rest In Peace Lady Liberty……

Though we may hear, many complain about politicians, the economy, the dollar and government do we ever consider the root of the problem. I submit to you that America has lost its faith, the soul and spirit that drove the founders and origins. America was founded upon Judeo – Christian beliefs. A country that has …

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